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Tristan Ray / Jacob Romero, watch and learn in Maui

Tristan Ray the student in this exchange tells us, “I was last one out on the peak and new to the spot. Everyone on the inside was shouting for the grom to go so without hesitation or a chance to make a conscious decision I turned around and made the plunge. Shortly after plummeting down the face I see my good pal Jacob Romero chouting right in my zone. I was more than happy to share the cute wave, an honor in fact, it overarchingly was a pursuit to push me harder. Thanks JRom! Though next time it might be lickings, haha”.


Samuel Thomas, Tasman beast slayer

They breed em tough in the Apple Isle. Bone chilling water temps and shallow slabs are just another day for those who want to feel the rush. Read More


Turn and Burn with MR

With a shock 4th place finish in the popularity polls we ran for SPLIT, it’s our mission to ensure this is quickly forgotten and Mitch Rawlins rises to the top of power surfing again. Read More


Traveling in first class, Jake Stone & Mitch Rawlins

Honestly have you ever seen a more thrilling image? Relaxed, poised and travelling at 75 kilometres an hour Jake Stone knows how to live and you just try tell him otherwise. Read More


Mitch Rawlins, Glory run at Kirra

If you timed your run last week you might of been like Mitch Rawlins (pictured here) and spent more time riding waves then waiting for them. If you calculated the time this man spent riding salty crests last week it would add up to one mans average annual wave count. Read More


Brenden Rowney, Storm chasing in Sydney

Out of the storm clouds and through the rain comes a ball of muscle leaping over steps and lumps on a rarely surfed bombie. It’s Brenden Rowney of course. Read More


Nick Ormerod, Botany Bay

Proving the old, “should of been here yesterday” theory wrong has never been so sweet. The day after the caffeine fuelled chaos that was the Cape Fear event Mr Ormerod just relaxed in and surfed for a few hours on his own. Read More