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Tristan Ray / Jacob Romero, watch and learn in Maui

Tristan Ray the student in this exchange tells us, ”I was last one out on the peak and new to the spot. Everyone on the inside was shouting for the grom to go so without hesitation or a chance to make a conscious decision I turned around and made the plunge. Shortly after plummeting down the face I see my good pal Jacob Romero chouting right in my zone. I was more than happy to share the cute wave, an honor in fact, it overarchingly was a pursuit to push me harder. Thanks JRom! Though next time it might be lickings, haha”.


Mick Perry, Deep in the bowels of Indo

Nestled in an Indonesian paradise surrounded with waves and cheap food what more could you want that this type of view come lunch time? Read More


Dave Winchester, We All Become Silhouettes

This image along with many other fine artworks is going to be displayed in a new gallery show opening soon. Need to get your art fix and enjoy the good old gallery party? We have you covered. Read More


Mick Novy, working hard or hardly working?

Big Mick knows when to make it happen and this shot from a testing session is proof. With less than amazing conditions, big Mick brought it home with this tasty invert from the outside bowl. Read More


Jase Finlay, applying the emergency brakes

Don’t let the world slide you by, hit the brakes slow down and enjoy the view. Jase Finlay is confident enough to apply this theory in a more challenging situation than most. Read More


George Humphreys, A brave new face

Today you see what the hype is about and you realise that George Humphreys is fucking awesome. We will see you back here this afternoon to view the short film to back these claims. Read More


Ben Veitch, The Box WA

A quite session at home is just what the doctor orders for the locals of South West WA. Running off the back of the successful WA leg of the Australian Tour it was back to the empty lineups the locals live for. Read More