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Photo: Phil Thurston

Amaury Lavernhe Wins South Coast Crusade

The 2010 World Champion beats Jones Russell, Jake Stone and Alex Uranga in the final at Nuggan. Read More

Rory Horton

The Warm Up

Some of the IBA top 24 tackled Nuggan late last week, anticipating the event would run there days later. The performance by the all-star cast deserved a standing ovation. Read More


Bosley McGee

We usually hate it when a new grom arrives on the scene because it’s just another name we have to remember, but Bosley might’ve bucked that trend. Read More

Photo: Shadbolt

Jarrod Gibson on Board Design

Gibbo jots down the most influential developments in board shaping since the dawn of time, and hints at what’s next. Read More

Photo: Creswell

Calling All South Coast Crusaders!

UPDATE: Video added. Trials start Thursday 18th in Kiama. Read More


The Essential Inverse

Years down the line from its initial appearances on the bodyboarding stage, the Inverse is almost ready to make its grand entrance into competition surfing. Read More


Listen: The Delta Riggs

Hex.Lover.Killer is The Delta Riggs first full length album that has been building in their thoughts, note books and jams for the last 5 years and the finished product is not what most expected. Read More

Glen Thurston. Photo: Steve Wall

Trials For South Coast GSS Start Thursday

Have you recently won the lottery and don’t know what to do with it? For a meager $250 you can enter the trials for the next event on the IBA world tour. Read More


The World’s Best Air Reverse?

Interpretations and opinions of style are subjective, but here we narrow it down to the five bodyboarders that le Boogie is comfortable to say do it better than the rest. Read More