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Simon Thornton, Teahupoo Tahiti

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Photo: Phil Gallagher

Before there was a boat in the water, before the mornings bread truck truck had pulled up to the end of the road, you would see Simon on the point casually preparing to paddle out for another session at his favourite Pacific Ocean reef. Read More

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Aqua Tech

Departing Friday – Mike Hemus

Mike Hemus has a camera and knows hows to use it well. This is a sample of a recent photo documentary trip he did. Read More



Such a banging trailer for probably the least publicised film release this year. Until now. ‘The 8′, coming in hot baby! Read More


Postcards Before Podcasts

A roll of 35mm shot by Will Hodgett shooting for ‘The 8′ with Katesy on location in NZ. There’s no question these snaps are seriously vibe’n and we a Le Boogie are stoked to be presenting the film which is premiering next week! Read More


Passing Through Portugal

We thought we’d treat all you fine people to the second Portugal section from the Passing Through film. It’s not like we want you to buy it or anything. But seriously if you haven’t already go to itunes and buy it. Read More


‘The 8′ mater piece film by Will Hodgett is dropping in a matter of weeks! Stay tuned for a trailer and premiere details, but for now feast on these supple frames. Read More



An amping lo fi edit from the big man behind IAMNONE Dav Fox. Judging from this, it’s safe to say what ever the boys produce for ‘SPLIT’ is going to be mint. Read More

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The Crow

The mega mix of footage of our favorite Brazilian wild man, Rennan Faccini. Read More


SPLIT, A visual Smack down

Like the idea of Mitch Rawlins going head to head with Nick Gornall? Competitive bodyboarding not filling your cup? We give you SPLIT, a visual smack down placing 4 of the best teams against each other. Interested? Read More

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Japan Extras served hot

Just like us to take a mistake and make it look half decent. Add a sprinkle of a digital madness and this clip will get you mind surfing the endless pipes of Japan. Read More