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Samuel Thomas, Tasman beast slayer

Photo: Nick Green

They breed em tough in the Apple Isle. Bone chilling water temps and shallow slabs are just another day for those who want to feel the rush. Read More

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Hawaiian Legends join forces and open doors

Just when the youth of today thought the legends of Spencer Skipper and Aka Lyman were all but a fuzzy VHS mystery, we get the low down on Hidentity Surf. Read More

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Ocean Talk, With Dave Winchester

A truly lucky man in all senses of the word. The personal and intimate look at one of the worlds leading riders. Read More

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Mexican madness with Pride Team

Sweaty hot action form the sands of Mexico with Lewy, PLC and Jerry all bring their A game in this mini movie. Read More


Chasing Freedom, One image at a time

A recent strike mission with his fellow team riders lead to the memory card and memory banks being filled with moments. We got Chase to share a few of the special ones with us. Read More


What’s the point of working hard if you don’t get the celebrate the end of that hard work? We threw a wild party and things went as you can expect a little wild and sideways at times. View the images from the night and live through those who attended. Read More


SPLIT – You vote & you win

Love the movie? You decide who should be crowned the winner. Cast your votes here and go in the draw for an epic prize pack which will blow your mind. Read More

photo time

Some passing moments viewed and shot by Phil whilst on the road. This gallery gives you a brief insight into the last 5 weeks on the road.
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New Ryan Hardy footage

The title says it all people. If your not clicking through to see this then you might just be on the wrong website. Read More

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Getting tech in the Pacific juice

Couple of men getting real technical in the Pacific ramps of Samoa. If you wanted to get a head start on that summer vacation this clip might just have you booking flights.
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