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Michael Novy, sometimes it all just works

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Photo: Luke Shadbolt / @lukeshadbolt

What would you do to have this session with just you and your personal photographer? How is this still possible in this day and age of over populated lineups? Read More

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Aqua Tech

Solo slabfest served at home

Enjoy the slabfest sampled by Michael Novy and Luke Shadbolt at their Central Coast favourite rock shelf, Indies. Extra land angles also as a bonus. Read More

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The Hardy footage you have been waiting for

The most influential rider of the last generation, acknowledged worldwide. At home lording in Western Australia. We present Reminisce, Ryan Hardy shot by Stricko Read More

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Reminisce with Joshua Garner & Stricko

Joshua Garner and James Strickland team up for the first release of some motion gold Stricko has been siting on. Josh’s air game is off the chart in this clip. Read More


Ryan Hardy paddles The Right, Again…

The king of the west returns to his old tricks with another paddle session at Westerns Australia’s premiere big wave spot, The Right. Photographer Chris Gurney shares a tale with us and some amazing images from the session. Read More

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Master Plan with John Cruickshank

Going for a surf just might be a tax write off if you can list product testing and networking local sales along side tearing up wedges like this. Read More

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Puerto Rico gets us High on Life

Forget spiced rum and dark skinned women, PR pumps wave wise and this clip confirms it. Read More


Trailers, Tours and all that is Passing Through

Today we drop the tour dates, trailer and the exciting new hardcover book for the Passing Through film. Come on over and feast on our latest masterpiece. Read More


Building the perfect ride

Considering a step into the custom board world? Matt Young explains a few things you might need to consider before ordering that perfect ride to accompany you on your next surf. Read More

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Summer days at São Conrado

Brazil could be the funnest place on earth to holiday if you choose to travel with a bodyboard as checked in luggage. Hot babes, good weather and damn fine waves to be had. Read More